About the Chef and Owner Georgio

Owner and Chef Georgio was born in Taormina, Sicily and went to pursue his life's passion for cooking at the Culinary Institute of Milan, Italy, and at the Cordon Bleu in France. After moving to Alaska to chase his dream as a chef, Chef Georgio opened Villa Nova in the spring of 1983, with a vision to transform the fine dining experience in Anchorage, Alaska. He did so by offering wines that were unheard of, and food that had customers waiting in lines that formed out the door, all the way to the parking lot even in the winter seasons. 

In 2001, Chef Georgio sold Villa Nova with aspirations to live the retired life. After the first year of living "the good life"  he knew things needed to change. He was just too nostalgic for his passion for cooking. In the summer of 2004, Georgio bought back Villa Nova, and has once again, been amazing his customers with fine Italian dishes only he can prepare.  

Chef Georgio makes everything on the menu from scratch with the finest and freshest ingredients. Be prepared to be astounded by a wonderful ambiance, great service, delicious wine, a meal that will leave your mouth watering for more, and desserts that will make you come back the week after. 

Open Tuesday - Saturday

5:00pm - 10:00pm

Reservations recommended

 Villa Nova
5121 Arctic Boulevard, Suite I
Anchorage, Alaska, 99503
(907) 561-1660
[email protected]

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